Latest Home Décor Trends

Atlántico at Palm Aire features elegant amenities that offer the perfect canvas on which to decorate your home. Here are a few decor trends that can help you add a bit of flair to your luxury Pompano Beach apartment.

#1 Mixed Metallics

Metallics are the new accent colors of home décor. Weather it’s a chair, a side table, wall art, or a mirror, you can find metallic home décor in copper, golden, and silver tones. You can also integrate smaller pieces throughout the living room like candle sticks, plant pots, and lamps to add a subtle shimmer that is sure to catch the eye.

#2 Terrazzo

This 70’s trend is making a big comeback! The terrazzo aesthetic includes chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, etc. scattered amongst a cementitious object, as well as metal strips dividing sections or changes in color or material in a pattern. While terrazzo is traditionally used for flooring and countertops, it has now been integrated into smaller objects like coffee tables, book ends, and coasters so that anyone can add a touch of terrazzo without overwhelming their home with a terrazzo floor.

#3 Indoor Plants

Bring the natural beauty of Florida indoors with a few plants. Add a splash of color and purify the air in your home with a tropical, leafy plant like an elephant ear or a fan palm. These kinds of plants reflect the surrounding environment and creates more visual interest in your home.

#4 Big Art

Gallery walls allows for variety, but it can also take time and money to gather all the art work and photographs to complete your gallery. A more concise, and perhaps more affordable, option is purchasing or creating one large piece of artwork. The right piece of art that fills a wall can certainly become a conversation piece.

#5 Marble

Marble pieces of home décor can be found everywhere. Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, Target, and so many more retailers have embraced this trend and offers a wide variety of marble inspired décor. Virtually anything - from artwork, to blankets, to wallpaper – can have a marble “look” without being made of actual marble.

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